Thursday, October 29, 2015

Another attempt

After two days I came up with this sky as I see it.  Am finally learning sort of how to use these inks and it is fun as it is always a surprise and the inks have a mind of their own how they will mix.  I will continue on trying to get expressive landscapes done this week and weekend and then back to trying to do credible blooms.  But am having fun and that is the main thing.

Monday, October 26, 2015


It has been a couple of years since I have posted, health issues, family issues, life getting in way.  Am not apologizing just stating a fact and am so pleased to have started painting again.

I began back with watercolor on a couple of challenges.

This first was from a childhood friend of the Buckingham family, Marc, from a photo I took in France.  Just kind of shows his roguish character.

Next I worked on a little girl from a workshop I took last summer in Florida with a teacher Stephie Butler but never finished it.  Well, I jumped in and finished it.  Parts I really like, many parts I don't but I finished it the best I could with the satisfaction of learning some techniques.

Am working on another watercolor , a tiger, but have put it aside as I registered for an e-class in alcohol inks with Alexis Bonavitacola as teacher.  I am so pleased and am learning so many things in this class.  Alexis is a great teacher and she not only is showing techniques but giving us inspiration talks,music, things to ponder about ourselves and of course the techniques of AI.

I am taking this at my own pace but am painting or reading each day.  Below are a few of my works so far.

And a few more

I will try and add more paintings as I complete them. 

I must say this medium is fun and exciting, has a mind of its own but one can create wonderful abstracts with it and expressive flowers and landscapes.