Thursday, February 26, 2009


I will try and post again. I spent time writing and then "poof" everything froze up.

Well today I worked on a very miserable file for transcription, wasn't the subject was the quality of the audio, horrible. Back and forth with the guy I was doing it for, trying to download a video which came in upside down (how often does that happen?). And finally by some miracle have been able to get it into my system (audio quality is much better on the video) so will start again tomorrow on it. So to reward myself for my frustrations I continued painting on what you see at the left.
This was a technique lesson. Kind of fun. I dropped paint from about waist high onto a dry piece of watercolor paper which made the centers for the flowers, then let it dry. Then put a light yellow wash of color and let it dry. Then the technique is called negative painting where you try and carve out shapes. These are supposed to be flowers althought I haven't grown any that look like this. But forging on then you use different colors, mixes of yellows and blues to make greens and try to make twigs and leaves. Well again, it was an exercise. It started out 11 x 14" but I cut it to about 10 x 8 as I liked it better that way.
All and all satisfactory to let out my frustrations. Now will move on to something else to paint. I have a painting I started (actually I have many) but I think that I'm going to work on my rose one, however, it might be a street scene that I'm redoing. We'll see what I fancy to do.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I'm a newbie to blogging but thought it would be a fun way to keep in touch and to share what I am doing.This is one way for me to share my art, either photography or painting or other types of art.Recently (for the last month and a half) I worked with my husband and daughter on compiling TWO memory books for 40th birthdays. One for our daughter and one for our daughter-in-law. Quite a project.

Now I am back into watercolor painting and would like to share my journey. I belong to several painting web sites and enjoy something from each one. Some it is like interests but smaller so that I feel part of a larger family. Others have wonderful techniques or challenges that push me to paint even when I don't feel like it.

Art is a constant learning experience and I'm hoping that having this blog also will help me learn and grow. One can never been too old to keep learning.