Friday, May 20, 2011

May 20, 2011

Well here is my painting for the month. In my Painting Friends site that I belong to we are painting a different subject each month and are supposed to be putting a lot of planning into it. I haven't gotten to the point of doing a lot of sketches (not my strong suit) nor thinking too much about changing the photo that is provided. I need to do more of this to make a painting mine and not just a copy. I did change colors on the tablecloth and cropped the photo but that is as far as I got. Need to simplify and not be a slave to a photo. Take the good parts and create something just mine.

I did have fun doing this as it is not a subject that I would normally do. I don't do much in the way of still lifes or it is not my favorite thing to really do.

On to my next project for the month of May/June. Don't have the subject as yet and will not be painting for a couple of weeks. Will photograph instead.

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