Tuesday, April 24, 2012

March 2012

The month of March I did  more art work but this time I experimented with a few things.

One thing is I started on this painting from a photo I took in Puerta Vallarta several years ago of an elderly gentleman who was on a ferry that we were taking to another beach.  He just fascinated me with the cowboy hat, nice tan, whitish hair and really blue eyes.  So I started to paint him but this is just the beginning of the painting as I got involved in other things this month so haven't finished this gentleman as yet.

As you can see he needs a lot of work on his face, try and get rid of the pencil lines which are too dark but it was a start.

Then I decided to try experimenting on canvas using the technique of tissue paper, gesso and then painting and I really liked the result.

Here was the finally.  I saw the bird that had appeared as a "happy accident" so enhanced her a bit and added a bit more color.  Am quite pleased with this and plan to do more as it is relaxing and fun and one never knows what is going to show up.

Oh goodness the next experiment was a challenge for our March YOP (year of painting)

This was taken at Cannon Beach for my 70th birthday celebration when my bro came out and surprised me.

And now the disaster.

I started out okay sort of made a skin tone mixture of rose madder, cob. blue, and yellow ochre. Then I mixed up a mix for the wrinkles of ind. blue and q. rose and a bit of y.o. So I put the lines and shadows and did a glaze of gamboge very pale thought I could get a glow (not) and then did a covering of the skin tone. Well, it just went from bad to worse. One time I took out to show DH and said, "My God you look like an ancient old woman!~~~! You look like your mother." He still sees me as that lithe previous photo, (this photo not included in this blog but suffice it to say it was a photo of me in a bikini in Mexico) bless his heart. So that is one bonus of this. Well I just kept messing and making more of a mess and laughing the entire time. So I had great fun with this and I am going to keep it in my studio as something to make me laugh as to how awful it is.
Hope you enjoy the laugh and my humor. It seemed funny last night.

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  1. Great work, Judy!
    Most of all, I love those trees!