Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Play Day

Well it's been a coupled of days for me that I was doing other things that weren't as fun as painting. But hey it's a little bit of work. So yesterday I tried my normal WDE. I ended up choosing the wrong thing to paint for me and my style. Guess I will show as much as I did just to show that things don't always go right. So I chose the photo as I just love shells and the delicacy of their colors and the variety of them. Well this phot had all of that. What I didn't think of is that I am NOT a meticulous painter. Some of it is fine but phew not so much. I painted on YUPO which is hard enough in itself and then I tried to use watercolors. Then I had just gotten some acrylic inks so used them a bit but finally gave up and moved on to other things.

So into the bin it went and I start on something else. Lesson learned, I hope.

So on to the next which was to get my inks out and see what a mess that I could made and what I mess I did. I first did a couple using the ink on small little canvases 4 x6" Then after I put on the ink by dropping it and moving it around with a spray bottle I covered them with saran wrap to let them dry. On a couple of them I used dried moss and stuff I have found on a walk. Need more practice on using these types of things and also puttin on the saran wrap. I was trying different types of colors to see what I might like. They didn't turn out too badly.

Next I tried using different types of watercolor paper. Some was inexpensive paper that I had and I found the inks went right through the paper. I also used some Aquarello Fabriano and the result was not too bad again using saran wrap and a variety of colors.

The last thing that I tried was on Clayboard textured. I used a variety of colors again and this time used cheesecloth on it and a bit of salt, and added a tiny bit of gold pearlesque. Pleased also how this turned out.

What was great was how much fun this was. My hand and fingernails are full of ink and I had to do a lot of scrubbing to remove the ink from my painting table but I HAD A GREAT TIME. And after all isn't that what art and painting is all about. What a great day!


  1. I really like 1, 3, and 4...Reminds me of frost patterns on a window! Follow through on's going great!

  2. Aren't the inks fun???!!! I can see you're really enjoying your play. I really like that first blue and green one. Cool movement and texture.

  3. Thanks Deb, I 'm just having a ball with these. However, now I have transcription til Thursday and I don't date go into my studio and play or I won't get that work done and then how could I afford the inks, right?

    Dean thanks for the comments, hmm, frost on the window. I have some neat photos like that maybe I will figure out how to do that using different icier colors.

  4. i like the green/jungle one and the purple/blue night sky one...beautiful! Great job!

  5. I like the one you gave up on... I wouldn't give up. I like how some is more detailed and some is left to the imagination. Using media that is difficult to achieve detail is a good thing. It helps give soul to a painting... at least i think so. If i were you, i'd throw out your source material and continue to paint until it looks finished to you... looks super! -cb

  6. thanks for the tip, you're right sometimes I stick to the source too much. I'm kind of in a bloc right now