Sunday, March 29, 2009


Wow, time is just flying by. We actually had a tiny bit of sun. Our daffies were happily nodding in the breeze and lifting their faces to the sun.

Yesterday I actually got to paint a little bit. Joined the WDE (weekend drawing event) again to spur me on and worked with my inks again. The photographs offered to choose from were from the Bahamas and I couldn't resist the gorgeous waters.

So here is "Under the Sea", you may all start humming now. He, he he

This is on YUPO paper and I first put the colors (two blues) on the top, sprayed some water on it and then started on the bottom part. I mixed some yellow, green and a little orange and did the same. But here I tried to blotch it a bit. Then I used a sea sponge and started dabbing different colors with it, let that dry and went at it again. I put another layer on and this time dried it a bit with my hair dryer and kind of blew the blue around swirly. More dabbing with sponge, different colors, something blowing around with a straw and so on. Was pretty pleased with it. Since it was such a gray day yesterday these colors made up for it.

The next item I am working on is a portrait of a little girl that I did quite a few years ago. She has now grown up to a young teen lady and I am attempting to paint her again. This is just the start and have a lot of work to do on skin tone, everything but we only have 2 hours to work and then post. This is as far as I am right now. Will add when I finish, maybe.

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