Saturday, March 14, 2009


Had quite a bit of transcription this past week and today but I managed to do a couple of my inks and am also working on a couple of WDE but they aren't ready to post.

This first abstract I did with the acrylic inks on YUPO and did kind of strips of saran wrap lengthwise in two pieces on top and let it try mostly. After that was done enough I added a little sea salt to the remaining kind of wet bits and here was the result. I kind of liked it.

Then I took a previous acrylic ink with blues and had dried it with the YUPO had actually forgotten it but really wasn't thrilled with the results of what happened. So I thought well, I'm just going to drop blobs of inks in a couple of colors over the blues, spray them a bit with water and let them kind of mix and mingle and let them dry that way and this is what I got. I was really kind of thrilled. To me it has a lot of delicate plants underwater and I'm wondering if I can add sort of some whispy strings on the red blobs to look like jellyfish kinds of that's what they remind me of.

Well back to some painting so I can try and finish a WDE that I kind of like. Later


  1. Hi there judy!
    Love what you've been working on here! The acrylic inks seem to suit you!

  2. I agree with you that the jellyfish are exciting! Those are some really beautiful colors together..that red and green.