Saturday, January 30, 2010

JANUARY 30, 2010

My eldest granddaughter's 12th birthday. My they grow up so quickly. Here's Cristina doing one of the things she loves best -- playing soccer. She is on a select team so it's amazing to see the improvement with the high level of training. She is one very determined little girl, she may be tiny but she is determined and feisty.

To go on with the painting --- Finally finished the iris I was doing, lot of other things interferring but I went as far as I could. Didn't find that I ended up liking the paper that I was using any better Fabriano, just doesn't blend as nicely as Arches nor does it stay wet long, really sops up the water. Here is the final result.

Now I'm going to switch to pastels and try and finish the daffies although I'm not liking them much, went too crazy on the background so will see what I can do. Also plan to start another watercolor or actually maybe finish some of the ones that I started and never finished. But may go for a challenge one as it gets me moving. We'll see. Meanwhile, have a lot of transcriptioin to do until Tuesday, plus a birthday party to attend at the CheeseFactory yummy and of course work out on Monday, must try not to miss that as it makes me feel much better.

Until I have something to write I will close.

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