Monday, January 4, 2010



My new resolutions this year -- I don't usually make them but have changed my mind. Maybe it will make a difference and I will stick to them.

The biggest one is to paint EVERY day. I've started a 20 minute warmup with one of the painting sites I'm on. They are horrible BUT my brushes are wet and I'm starting to get back into the mindset of painting.

Another is to not let other things interfere with number one.

Here are the dailies that I have done so far. The object is to pick something to paint, set it up, set a timer for 20 minutes, no drawing just using the brush and paint and water or waterever you use and paint what you see. Then STOP after 20 minutes in my case let it dry and then post. We are supposed to see a difference in quality after awhile. I sure hope so as these really aren't good but have to start somewhere.

This was the very first one I did New Year's Eve. sort of getting a jump on the New Year. Found out lots of things mainly I'm really rusty in my painting.
New Year's Day I decided to get more ambitious. What a mistake MISS (make it simple stupid) should be my motto. I see something and think I can paint it. Mistake but I did learn that if I want to do glass I need to take more than 20 minutes and really think about it.

Next one 1/2/10 I bought a gorgeous poinsettia plant from my granddaughter HUGE and I isolated one flower and a couple of leaves. One thing I liked about it? The front middle leaf, it turned out okay. Ran out of time to put in veins in the red portions and messed up the other leaves but hey finished in exactly 20 minutes.

I also have gone back to another painting site that I enjoyed for years. Made a lot of friends on it so again picked a photo from the offerings made by the host for that week. We choose a photo, prepare out supplies and begin painting. We paint for two hours and stop and post what we have finished. The thing is that we can continue later but the idea is to paint and show what you accomplished in two hours. Another exercise to help get my mind organized as to what I want to do and also to experiment with other mediums if I want to. Right now I'm sticking to watercolor as I love it BUT may join a class to learn about pastels. Here is what I posted today for my WDE

So this is all I have for today. Enjoy your day. I'm off to work out and come back and do my 20 minute warmup and then maybe start another challenge photo or try something else.


  1. Good for you, Judy. I'll look forward to seeing more of your work. My painting is rusty too!

  2. Thanks Kate good to see you.