Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October 12 Musings

I have been painting a bit but also very busy harvesting and canning and freezing both from our garden and U-Pick 'Em places.  Love going out to the country.  One more place to go this season or maybe two; one to go pick apples and make applesauce and the other to get a pumpkin at the pumkin patch.

Here are a couple of cards that I painted in the last couple of weeks.  Am sending one out for a birthday card and the other I sent to a PF friend and I can post it now as she has received it.

This one will be for my brother's birthday.  It was of the fixings for the jar of Italian tomatoes behind which I also canned

This card for Ann was of tomatoes from our garden and fall flowers also from our garden  They are on 9 x 7 Arches WC paper


  1. love that you are painting so much .. these are wonderful!!

  2. They're both gorgeous paintings. Looking forward to seeing you do more :) xx

  3. Love them both, roomie...wish you'd drawn my name...your reds are really wonderful.